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What if I accept a payment plan but end up not needing it at all?

No worries!

If you've accepted a Scratch payment plan but don't end up needing it, the plan will automatically expire (13 days for the Scratch Plan Bi-Weekly, and 30 days for all other plans), and your down payment will be refunded at that point. If you prefer to receive your down payment sooner, you can reach out to the practice that the application was initiated through to and request them to finalize your plan for $0. Once initiated, you will see your refund in your bank account in 3–10 business days.


Scratch Plans originated in the United States are issued by WebBank. Scratch Plans originated in Canada are issued by ©Scratch Financial, Inc. ©Scratchpay (NMLS ID#: 1582666). Scratch Plans are loan products subject to eligibility.